If you are finding it difficult to cope with life or it lacks meaning and purpose.

Things are out of control right now and you are feeling quite desparate and despairing of life.

Or you simply just need someone to talk to or someone who can help with how to change things.

Blue sky with hope

Counselling and Psychotherapy can help provide a place to hope again. To help you get to that place – you will need a counsellor/therapist who is:

* Easy to talk to, respectful, caring and considerate.
* Someone who understands you and really ‘gets it’.
* Someone who will never judge you but encourage and support you in whatever way you need.

In this safe environment you will find it easy to talk about things that once seemed difficult if not impossible. Being able to get these things ‘off your chest’ will seem like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders. Not just to talk about them but to feel that someone understands you can be very satisfying and help you put things back into perspective. The outcomes can move you towards NEW HORIZONS and a greater confidence in yourself. A feeling of being ‘in control’ of things, that will bring you into a place of wholeness and HOPE and the contentment that goes with it.

If you would like Lyn to help you to achieve these outcomes please call her on 0402 087127 or email her on lyn@lynabery.com

Counsellor and Psychotherapy Services